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Remetions Partner s.r.o., which has succeeded in finding its place on the financial consulting market, is a company providing professional assistance particularly to clients in the position of tenants of non-residential spaces. Remetions Partner s.r.o. is entirely independent of any entity (real estate agents, developers) operating on the property market.

The work of Remetions Partner s.r.o., in co-operation with experts in fields directly and indirectly related, focuses primarily on representing clients and their economic interests, typically registering a substantial saving of total costs compared to the standard “market” offer of lease conditions.

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Remetions Partner s.r.o.

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Česko doveze rekordně málo ropy, kvůli haváriím v rafineriích se dovážela hotová paliva

Kvůli nuceným odstávkám rafinerií se do Česka v letošním roce doveze rekordně málo ropy. Státní provozovatel ropovodů Družba a IKL, společnost MERO, odhaduje, že by ropovody mělo letos protéct zhruba 5,3 milionu tun ropy. To je nejmenší objem za posledních šestnáct let. Loni rafinerie dovezly 7,22 milionu tun.